Famous Racer Rusty Wallace is a St. Louis Native

Rusty WallaceThe famous NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace is from St. Louis, Missouri. He was actually born on August 14th, 1956 in Fenton, Missouri which is an outlying city of St. Louis.

He made a name for himself racing around the midwest in the late 70’s.

In 1980 he came in second place in his first NASCAR race at the Atlanta 500. In 1984 he decided to run full time in the Winston Cup Circuit and was given the title Rookie of the Year.

The rest is really pretty much history. Rusty Wallace raced for the next 21 years retiring in 2005. When it was all said and done he had 55 NASCAR Cup wins under his belt which tied him for 8th under NASCAR’s all time win list. He also holds the all time record for short track wins with a total of 34 making him the best NASCAR short track driver in history.

Rusty is married to his wife Patti and they have three children named Greg, Katie and Steven.

Most NASCAR fans from the city of St. Louis will quickly mention where Rusty Wallace was born and raised.

We are proud to say Rusty is a St. Louis native.